Oregon Eclipse 2017 アクセス情報

15 8月 , 2017  

※English is below Japanese.
Google Mapで会場の湖を目指して行くと間違った道に行ってしまうとのことで注意してください。

Prinevilleから26号線を走り、15マイル先のOchoco Creek Roadを右折し、更に8.5マイル先のキャンプ場の先を右に入る。そこから9.4マイル先のNF-4120を左折。2.7マイル先にエントランスへの矢印の看板があるとのことです。
下記の、DIRECTIONSのリンクに会場のBig Summit Prairieへのアクセスマップなどがあります。


Directions to Big Summit Prairie are HERE! All means of entry lead to Ochoco Creek Road. See website for details!


PROGRAMMING SCHEDULES will be provided onsite!

PRINT OR SAVE YOUR QR CODE. There is NO SERVICE ON SITE! You will have to return to Prineville to get service.

DOGS/PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED! We love pets which is why you may not bring them. This is not the right environment. Do not bring pets of any kind.

Due to STRICT FAA and Forest Department Regulations, DRONES ARE PROHIBITED. They may not enter the site. You will have to forfeit the drone to us or be turned around.

BRING NOTHING WITH OPEN FLAMES! Fires are a real and present danger in the area. Do not bring grills or anything that has an open flame. PROPANE CAMPSTOVES ARE OK.

Also – no drugs, weapons or anything else that does not belong. Please use common sense and we will get you in as quick as possible!

DIRECTIONS: bit.ly/OE17_Directions
WEBSITE : www.oregoneclipse2017.com
EVENT PAGE : bit.ly/oregoneclipse2017fb


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